The One

In Search of The One

To become a Distinguished Member  of the League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives, you really have to be THE ONE.

What it means to be THE ONE:

1) You must have a Deep Interest in Virtual Organizations and a strong desire to be one of the Architects and Visionaries (this needle in a haystack) who will have an opportunity to Understand and Shape the direction and future of this World of Virtual Organizations we are entering –  The New Virtual Organization World.   See Embrace The New Virtual Organization World or Die By the Sword of Obsolescence.

2) You must have received an invitation from the founder of Virtual Organization Management Institute (“VOMI”) or have been nominated by another Distinguished Member and are formally approved by the founder of VOMI.

3) You must be either the Chairman or CEO of a Forbes Global 2000 (or equivalent) company; the Founder or CEO of a Top 100 Venture Capital or Investment Banking firm; the Founder or CEO of a Futuristic, Groundbreaking, Leading Edge Technology firm; the Founder or CEO of a leading UGF (Underground Facility) Architectural or Development firm or any Futuristic Residential and Commercial Architecture firm;  or any former Head of State (i.e., President, Prime Minister, King, Queen).

4)  See  Exclusive Strategy for Distinguished Members of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives