League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives is the Most Prestigious and Exclusive Society of Reimagineers anywhere in the world.

We are the Catalyst for Building a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings with a Civilized World Financial System. Whose foundation is based on a World of Virtual Organizations, Virtual Organization Leadership, Principled Geopolitical Leadership, Political Evolution and Mankind Making the Transition from Human Being to Intelligent Being.  And Our Ultimate Goal is Human Evolution.

Being Reimagineers,   Our Task is to go off-the-beaten-path in order to Reimagine Human Existence on this planet – and beyond – and to Reengineer Human Reality for all future generations.


About Founder


The founder of the League is also the founder of the modern virtual organization management discipline pioneered since 1997.

He is also the founder of VOMI (“Virtual Organization Management Institute”), VOMI Global Think Tank, VOMI Virtual Organization Academy,  VOMI Executive-In-Residence, Virtual Organization Leadership,  Virtual Organization Advisors, Virtual Organization Recruiter, The New Virtual Organization World Consortium, Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium,  Virtual Residential Community Consortium, and a number of other virtual organization entities and initiatives.

Who and What We Are

League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives is a By Invitation Only Virtual Organization Society whose membership is restricted to an exclusive and select number of  leading Visionaries, Futurists, Scientists, Pioneers and Innovators in any field or industry from across the globe  ::  Chairman and Chief Executive Officers of Forbes Global 2000 (and Equivalent Enterprise Level) Organizations, Leading Public Policy Institutions, and Governments  ::  Presidents of Leading Universities anywhere in the world  ::   Founder, Chairman, CEO, President and Managing Directors of any Leading Investment Bank or Venture Capital Firm anywhere in the world  ::  and former Heads of State and other prominent World Leaders.

Our focus is on continuing to Build the Foundation of a New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings based on a World of Virtual Organizations, Principled Geopolitical Leadership and Political Evolution :::: A new civilization which will allow us all – all of mankind – to further embark on the road to Human Evolution.

Why Is A Deep Insight Into Virtual Organizations A Must? :: is without a doubt :: the world’s most comprehensive document on the need for leading and visionary executives from global enterprises, organizations, institutions and governments worldwide to pause a bit in order to obtain a deep insight into virtual organizations.

Distinguished Members

We further invite you to explore :::  What Is A Distinguished Member of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives? ::: for concrete information on this most prestigious and highly coveted role.

Global Limit of 20 Distinguished Reimagineers. We only have one (1) official and formal membership level:  Distinguished Reimagineer.    This formal membership is limited to a total of 20 Extraordinary Executives worldwide who are not only ready, willing and able to undertake our Extraordinary Task :::: but would also like to have the opportunity to Meet Face-To-Face with the founder of the League in a collegial atmosphere and on a recurring basis.

Otherwise, we are more than pleased to welcome you as a Member-In-Principle if you only share in spirit and principle the agenda of the league.


Become A Member-In-Principle. The publication of Member-In-Principle: The Ultimate Membership Level has now made it possible for just about every single human being anywhere in the world to be able to contribute in spirit and principle to the agenda of the League without becoming an official member. That includes All Heads of State, Members of the Executive and Legislative and Judicial Branches of Government, Public Policy Executives, Business Executives, Academia Executives, Religious Leaders of All Faiths, and every single other member of society.

In fact, We Prefer to Collaborate with Members-In-Principle instead of Distinguished Members for the simple reason that the sincerity of their commitment can be judged by their own actions instead of their claim to fame, mere words, and their financial wherewithal. As the old saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.”

We highly recommend the Member-In-Principle membership level to those who have no urgent need, interest or ability to meet face-to-face with the League founder and other members.

Members-In-Principle with a demonstrated level of commitment to the cause of Human Evolution will be given priority to receive our official and formal invitation to join the League as a Distinguished Reimagineer.


In Search of The Extraordinary One

To become a Distinguished Reimagineer  of the League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives, you really have to be EXTRAORDINARY.

What it means to be THE EXTRAORDINARY ONE:

1)  You have already accomplished just about everything that you had originally set out to accomplish – and much more – and yet you still feel a certain amount of emptiness inside of you that you can’t really share with others – for the simple reason that you believe no one would really understand.

2)  Money, Power, Fame and Recognition no longer have the sort of euphoric effect it used to have on you.    You no longer have to go to work to make a living;  instead you live to go to work,  stay busy and continue to try to do something worthwhile that can make a difference in the lives of others.   And yet, you feel that your efforts may be in vain, or you might be wondering how much of an impact that your efforts are really having in the lives of others.

3)  You’ve reached a point in your life wherein you are beginning to question your very existence on this planet and you may even be wondering: if we are all forever condemned to this life that we live – the insanity and absurdities that we find all around us :::  if that is really all there is to it in this life :::   and if there is really nothing that YOU can do about it  for the simple reason that you just might be this one lone voice in a vast wilderness.

4)  You are sick and tired of all the intrigue, realpolitik, politics and children’s games that so-called grown-ups play and the evil that many with a sense of impunity unleash upon others without fear of retribution.  You are tired of dwelling in the midst of ::: dreamers only, doubters, copycats posing as innovators, mediocre talent masquerading as geniuses, short-sighted ones posing as visionaries, deepfake epitomes of success and wealth and power, charlatans dressed in Grand Vizier attire, timidity cloaked inside a warrior’s armor, and all the others ::: who prefer to cling to the crutches of realism;  hide behind the wall of pragmatismand tremble in the tower dungeons of realpolitik.    Those who believe in “that’s the way of the world and there is nothing we can do about it” and “this is the real world and the reality that we have to live with.”

5)  You find the mission of the League a godsend (instead of some lofty and unattainable goal) and the Task of a Distinguished Reimagineer as an ideal opportunity to finally be in the company of those whom you consider to be kindred spiritseven if it is for only one day a month.    See  Exclusive Strategy for Distinguished Members of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives

Our Quest


What makes us so extraordinary is not only the scope and grandeur of our vision but the fact that most of us will never get to see or personally realize most of the fruits of our labor or get to witness in our lifetime what we seek to–and will eventually–accomplish.   We are clearly aware this is a marathon and not a sprint.

But our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and the rest of our progeny (for hundreds, thousands, and perhaps millions of years from now) WILL get to bear witness to as well as share the credits for our achievements.

And yet, we remain undeterred in our noble pursuit to Reimagine, Reengineer, Architect, Build and Reveal the Secrets of  this New Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings centered around Virtual Organizations, a New Virtual Organization World and a Civilized World Financial System.

The membership initiation process includes a critical videoconference with the founder of the League which will put you on a Road to the Secret Treasures of the League  and to Understanding what the future holds for all future generations.



Informal Monthly Leisure and Reimagineering Activities

In a nutshell, each month up to 20 Distinguished Reimagineers and the League Founder (the Founder of VOMI)  have an opportunity to meet face-to-face for an informal discussion and “getting to know each other” pow-wow at some exciting place anywhere in the world during a full  1-day getaway.  Nothing special on the agenda.

Please note this will not be a gala, red carpet, fashion industry or major media event. Thus, no need for any ostentatious display of wealth and self-importance. It’s no different than going to the beach or any fast-food restaurant.

It’s a Casual Attire, Mask-Free, Unvaccinated, No Social Distancing, and No Proof-of-Vaccination event.

No official meetings and formal business discussions are allowed.   All conversation between League members is completely off the record.

Distinguished Reimagineers pay for their own travel, transportation, security, food and lodging.

Formal Activities

Any Distinguished Reimagineer can formally request a meeting with the League Founder at any time in order to learn more about or to participate in any current or proposed Virtual Organization World-related initiatives and projects.

Sample of Current Virtual Organization World Initiatives


Road to the Secret Treasures of the League

By Invitation Only

Our Distinguished Member enrollment period for League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives candidates is year-round subject to either receiving an invitation from the League Founder or via nomination by a Distinguished Member subject to the League Founder’s approval.

In Order to Receive an Invitation:

  • Obtain a Deep Insight Into Virtual Organizations. Go to Virtual Organization Advisors and submit your request for a deep insight into virtual organizations and virtual organization leadership.

The article :: Why Is A Deep Insight Into Virtual Organizations A Must? :: is the world’s most comprehensive document on the need for leading and visionary executives from global enterprises, organizations, institutions and governments worldwide to pause a bit in order to obtain a deep insight into virtual organizations.

Why is that, you might ask?

The simple answer is transparency: In order to make sure that we are all on the same page and to prevent any potential buyer’s remorse. We don’t want anyone “to buy a pig in a poke.” The point being, if you don’t care to know anything about virtual organizations, then joining the League and being called an Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executive becomes nothing but a farcical exercise and clownish social media stunt.

In the grand scheme of things, it is a far-reaching business decision as well as a very smart and infinitesimal investment of time and resources.

Joining the League is too important a life-changing, business and financial decision to make on a whim or based primarily on plain hype, smoke and mirrors, and celebrity endorsementsor strictly on the basis of answers to a few chat questions or inquiries.

  • Request Additional Insights into League Membership. Upon completion of your introduction to virtual organizations by Virtual Organization Advisors, you will be provided with information on how to submit a request for a League Founder & VIP Videoconference in order to obtain additional insights into the League membership.
  • Placement On Membership Waiting List. Upon successful conclusion of the videoconference, if we have no current vacancy, your name will automatically be placed on a Waiting List. (The League has a global membership limit of 20 members.)
  • League Membership Invitation. Upon having a vacancy, you will receive an invitation to become a Distinguished Member of the League along with detailed information on how to proceed.

Membership Dues

For Stakeholders from the Following Institutions and Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals 

  • Sovereign Wealth Funds 
  • Pension Funds 
  • Top 100 Emerging Market Enterprises 
  • Top 100 Emerging Countries (Government Officials)
  • Forbes Global 2000 and Equivalent Level Enterprises  
  • Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWI) 
  • Family Offices Worldwide

Annual Dues ::  USD $1.5 Million

For Pioneers of Innovation and Human Evolution-Focused Startups

Annual Dues ::  USD $1.5 Million 

Digital Currency Payment Information

For those who would like the option to pay with a bona fide digital currency.

  • We only accept the digital currency CloudCoin (only the Legacy version)
  • Additional information will be provided upon membership approval.


League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives Membership Agreement

  1. MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT.   This is a membership agreement (“Agreement”) between League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives (“The League”) and each member (“Distinguished Member”) of The League. As a condition of membership,  Distinguished Member agrees that all current and future content of the website of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives (“The League Website”), including all embedded links to both internal and external content and sources, has been used,  and will continue to be used,  as the sole basis for entering into this Agreement.   Furthermore,  each member agrees that the addition of new content included, and or referenced, on The League Website unacceptable to the member shall never constitute the basis for requesting a cancellation of member’s membership prior to the end of the term of the membership and to request a refund.
  2. TERM OF MEMBERSHIP. The term of membership is for one full year consisting of a 12-month period from the time of receipt of full payment of the membership fee.   Membership applies to the specific individual applicant representing their organization.      In the event that the Distinguished Member terminates his employment or tenure, or is no longer, at said organization,   such Distinguished Member’s membership at The League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives will automatically terminate, and the Distinguished Member’s replacement will automatically fulfill  the remaining term of the former Distinguished Member.   To effect such change, the organization must submit a petition to the founder of the League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives at chairman@virtualorganizationinstitute.com.
  3. REFUND POLICY.   Once payment for the membership has been duly authorized by an authorized official of,  AND PAID by,  said organization, then NO REFUND shall be made under any circumstances whatsoever.   In addition, in the event that a Distinguished Member terminates their membership prior to the end of the term of their membership,  NO PRO-RATA REFUND of the membership fee shall be made.
  4. OFFICIAL VENUE.  The official and proper jurisdiction for all disputes regarding this agreement shall be in the COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  This Agreement shall be governed by California law without reference to its conflicts of law principles.
  5. AGREEMENT TO TERMS OF MEMBERSHIP.   By submitting the application for membership, the applicant listed in the application, or other duly authorized official of the organization, represents and affirms that such person is an authorized official of said organization and hereby agrees to and binds their organization to the terms of this membership.



A brief and evolving timeline of the League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives