In Search of The Extraordinary One

To become a Distinguished Reimagineer  of the League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives, you really have to be EXTRAORDINARY.

What it means to be THE EXTRAORDINARY ONE:

1)  You have already accomplished just about everything that you had originally set out to accomplish – and much more – and yet you still feel a certain amount of emptiness inside of you that you can’t really share with others – for the simple reason that you believe no one would really understand.

2)  Money, Power, Fame and Recognition no longer have the sort of euphoric effect it used to have on you.    You no longer have to go to work to make a living;  instead you live to go to work,  stay busy and continue to try to do something worthwhile that can make a difference in the lives of others.   And yet, you feel that your efforts may be in vain, or you might be wondering how much of an impact that your efforts are really having in the lives of others.

3)  You’ve reached a point in your life wherein you are beginning to question your very existence on this planet and you may even be wondering: if we are all forever condemned to this life that we live – the insanity and absurdities that we find all around us :::  if that is really all there is to it in this life :::   and if there is really nothing that YOU can do about it  for the simple reason that you just might be this one lone voice in a vast wilderness.

4)  You are sick and tired of all the intrigue, realpolitik, politics and children’s games that so-called grown-ups play and the evil that many with a sense of impunity unleash upon others without fear of retribution.  You are tired of dwelling in the midst of ::: dreamers only, doubters, copycats posing as innovators, mediocre talent masquerading as geniuses, short-sighted ones posing as visionaries, deepfake epitomes of success and wealth and power, charlatans dressed in Grand Vizier attire, timidity cloaked inside a warrior’s armor, and all the others ::: who prefer to cling to the crutches of realism;  hide behind the wall of pragmatismand tremble in the tower dungeons of realpolitik.    Those who believe in “that’s the way of the world and there is nothing we can do about it” and “this is the real world and the reality that we have to live with.”

5)  You find the mission of the League a godsend (instead of some lofty and unattainable goal) and the Task of a Distinguished Reimagineer as an ideal opportunity to finally be in the company of those whom you consider to be kindred spiritseven if it is for only one day a month.    See  Exclusive Strategy for Distinguished Members of League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives