Road to the Secret Treasures of the League

By Invitation Only

Our Distinguished Member enrollment period for League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives candidates is year-round subject to either receiving an invitation by the League Founder or via nomination by a Distinguished Member subject to the League Founder’s approval.

In order to receive an invitation,  submit your request for a  League Founder & VIP Videoconference in order to introduce yourself as well as to obtain additional insights into the League membership.    Upon successful conclusion of the meeting,  you will receive an invitation to become a Distinguished Member of the League.

Detailed information on how to immediately accept the invitation and become a member is therein provided.

Membership Dues

Annual Membership Dues:  

  • USD $1.5 Million


Crypto Currency Payment Information:

  • We only accept the digital currency CloudCoin.
  • A combination of USD and CloudCoin can also be used for payment of one membership.
  • Additional information will be provided upon membership approval.