Informal Monthly Leisure and Reimagineering Activities

In a nutshell, each month up to 20 Distinguished Reimagineers and the League Founder (the Founder of VOMI)  have an opportunity to meet face-to-face for an informal discussion and “getting to know each other” pow-wow at some exciting place anywhere in the world during a full  1-day getaway.  Nothing special on the agenda.

Please note this will not be a gala, red carpet, fashion industry or major media event. Thus, no need for any ostentatious display of wealth and self-importance. It’s no different than going to the beach or any fast-food restaurant.

It’s a Casual Attire, Mask-Free, Unvaccinated, No Social Distancing, and No Proof-of-Vaccination event.

No official meetings and formal business discussions are allowed.   All conversation between League members is completely off the record.

Distinguished Reimagineers pay for their own travel, transportation, security, food and lodging.

Formal Activities

Any Distinguished Reimagineer can formally request a meeting with the League Founder at any time in order to learn more about or to participate in any current or proposed Virtual Organization World-related initiatives and projects.

Sample of Current Virtual Organization World Initiatives